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Thursday, December 9, 2010

9 - We are all made of books.

   - 9 -

The Self-portrait, which actually looks like my Mother-In-Law.

I love reading. Especially paperback books while traveling or when we have vacations. You don't even need to travel to visit in other countries and cultures if your read the books from there. I believe that studying in school is not that important but reading is. Everybody should have an opportunity learn to read. You can be a self-made genious and teach yourself from the books and internet. Sometimes it doesn't even matter what you read. My mother-in-law used to be a really poor and when she didn't have afford to books, she read the phone book! Here is her true story, finally in English. Enjoy!

One quote from the story: 
"I stayed over in Helsinki at Lasse's place and went to sleep on the floor on a blow-up mattress that didn't have any air in it."
- Well, I have to make a note that Lasse was not married by then. ;) When nowadays my dear mother-in-law visit us, at least we pump some air in the mattress. Haha. 


  1. I love the book artwork pic!

  2. I love to read and know what you mean that you don't need to travel to visit other cultures because mostly I like to read books about Afrika (love henning mankell books about Afrika)
    My son thought himself to read before he was 4 years old so I take him to the library. It is very important to stimulate the youth to read.

  3. As a literature student, this one is my favourite Adele! :)

  4. What a wonderful story Adele. She had quite a journey and adventure. I am sure she is glad the roller coaster ride is over. Great picture today as always.

    Amei seu blog, lindo, lindo. lindo!!!!!

  6. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  7. I know exactly what you mean <3
    I love your blog and the pictures when they were available - if you ever make a book or calender out of them (or similar) I'd be first in line!
    I saw this video and thought you'd like it - - kind of similar to what you do/did here.
    Anyway thank you for sharing your life with us nd I hope you have a good holiday

  8. What a delightful portrait! Lovely story about your mother-in-law--she must be a wonderful grandmother.

  9. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. Absolutely brilliant. Your mother-in-law sounds like an amazing and humble person. I really love that story.

  10. I love the portrait! I especially like how you did the mouth and the eyes. :)

    I hate to break it to you, but an idea cannot be stolen. Copyright only protects the execution (i.e. the picture itself), but never the idea. Ask your lawyer, or check Wikipedia/Google if you don't believe me.

  11. I would love to be a fly on the wall of your brain for just one day! So clever. So creative.

  12. Ihana surulliseniloinen tarina anopillasi!

  13. Willi: I know that copyright protects the execution, but since my dayjob is selling ideas as a concept designer, I assume that if my dear international collegues would love to use this idea, they at least ask me first. I actually would love to do this kind of photos for real client with the professional team...

  14. Love this! I love reading too so this concept is great!

  15. Yes, everyone has a story to tell, and your mother-in-law's is quite incredible! Can't wait to see which books you read to Mila and what her life story becomes! The beginning is wonderful, so far. You're a good mom. :)

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  17. You are so creative. But you knew that already, didn't you? :)

  18. I begin learn English languages. I can not all understand, but everyday I read your post. My English is not weel enough.I like read books too.

  19. I am a voracious reader - two to three books per week. I love all genre, but esp. religion book (ie: "Book of Mormon" "Talmud" "Qu'ran" and etc.) Also, any books on Physics (any field) and Beekeeping!

    - David

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  20. Love it and we have very similar taste in books. My shelves are overflowing, course when I see pics like your it just makes me want to get more :)

  21. You are a clever woman. :) I love it! How did you get inside my head?

  22. Love it. There have been times in my life when I have chosen a book over a meal.

  23. Hi Adele,

    I was blogwalking the other day and was attracted to dig further into yours because of the header. Mila is so cute! Well, at least until they are 16.

    read the comment until finish here:

    ..and checkout my kids here:


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