Friday, November 30, 2012

Origami Heart Advent Calendar

I wanted to make a simple home-made calendar for Mila.
Since I had some left over origami papers from my wreath,
I googled "Origami Heart Envelope" and found these
folding instructions.

I tried to put mine in a shape of a christmas tree...
bigger heart would be nice too.  Or star?

I'm pretty sure that Mila is not one of my readers yet, so I can
reveal some of the little surprises I put in those envelopes:
Cute stickers and organic, fair trade chocolate chips. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I love in Finland: Maternity Package

The New Finnish Maternity Package has a new design called "Sukupuu" = "Family Tree".
obviously you can fill your own there.

The box itself is very handy - you can use
it as a baby crib or as an extention to your
family bed, since you can fold one side down.

This year it has a lot of turqoise color, which is nice! One of my favorite colors.  

And how did they knew I love owls?
And when your child grows out from the box bed and the tiny newborn clothes,
 you can restore it in your closet. It looks nice there and you don't have to hide it in the attic.
 Although, then your husband might get suspicious, and ask if you are planning to get pregnant again.
 Then you can roll your eyes and scream, "no!" "No"! (And do lot of denying and head shaking)
 It's just because it's so pretty here! Look at it. Looook at it. Pretty box full of tiny baby stuff, we're never going to use again. Ever.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Aloha, it's going to be a merry Christmas! DIY wreath


I found a bunch of these origami-papers from my deskdraw and decided to make my first christmas decorations this year, welcoming wreath to our door. Since it's the darkest time in Finland, I wanted to have a little bit sunshine and hawaii-wibes in it. Who said all the things in christmas should be red, gold, silver, white and dark green?

This year I'm planning to do all the decorations and food by myself, I'm so excited! What is your favourite thing in christmas? What would you like to see in my blog?