Friday, October 5, 2012

Big In Japan, SINCE 2010: The Original Nezo Art

Are you going to eat me?
 I haven't done this kind of daydream photos with Vincent since he's not as sound sleeper as Mila was, and as you can see, he has some skin problems too. His well-being is of course my priority. I'm having other creative things going around now, just wait for it ;)

( And of course I still have my new Fairy Tales -inspired When My Baby Dreams -book coming 2013!)

Today I found out about this new Nezo Art craze over Japan.
I gave first interviews to Japan in 2010, and here you can see Mila's daydreams featured in Japanese VOGUE 2011. So may I call myself creator of this new art scene?

Mila reading about her illustrated dreams.