Friday, December 30, 2011

The Great Fan Art Competition — Second FINALIST!

  Congratulations Iris and little baby Ava Gillian!

                                   Ava Diva - Live in Concert is funny and lovely photo with such a cute star! 

I like the way you used fabric patterns to create this picture. Well done!

Pssst! You can still send me your fan pictures. 
whenmybabydreams (@)
Competition is on until the Valentines day, 14.2.2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Great Fan Art Competition — The First FINALIST!

       Congratulations Farrah Beller!

                                   Amazing composition and peaceful picture with the lovely colors! I love it!

There was plenty of other great pictures too, so don't worry if I didn't pick you right now,
 I might do it later. And remember you can still send me your fan pictures. 
whenmybabydreams (@)
Competition is on until the Valentines day, 14.2.2012!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ciao my friends!

A while ago I gave an interview to one italian magazine called DLa repubblica delle Donne (Magazine No.770, pages 128-129 and 130-131, article by Valentina Pigmei) and I liked that article a lot, well I can't speak italian, but I translated it with google translator, so I believe I understood the most of it. Grazie mille!

PS I've received a lot of lovely fan art photos, thank you so much for you all! You can still send me your photos, I'll pick the first finalist at friday!

Screenshot from magazine, unreadible.
 If you want to read this article,
go to this link (pages 128 - 131

Quando la mia bimba sogna! (by Sperling & Kupfer)
My book sounds so lovely in italian! Don't you think?

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Great FAN ART Competition!

I have noticed from Mila's Daydreams Facebook page that many of you guys are inspired to make your own dream pictures with your family. (See the photo gallery) That's so cool!

So I have decided to create a competition for you.  You can send your own dream picture to whenmybabydreams(@)   (Remove parentheses from @. Only one picture per person. Add your contact details for the prize.)

I will pick the best picture of the every Friday and publish it here in my blog with your name (or preferred nickname.) Between all the best pictures of the week I will choose the winner at Valentine's Day, 14th Feb 2012!

And the prize is…. *drumming*

A lovely basket of gift books, including: GOODNIGHT MOON,  RUNAWAY BUNNY, And of course, WHEN MY BABY DREAMS!

And of course we are going to pick randomly four other winners between all who take part in this competition by sending their pictures before 10th of february 2012. They are going to get When My Baby Dreams -book! 

So now, send your best dream picture to whenmybabydreams (at) and you are in the competition!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 weeks and it is HERE!

...and it's a BOOK! 
Can't believe it, only 3 weeks left until When My Baby Dreams* is here! 
I hope my stork will bring it to you too. 

(*From this book link you find list of retailers and can pre-order When My Baby Dreams in a click!)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where do dream ideas come from?

BEFORE                                                                                         AFTER

From her real dreams, don't you think? 

Coming soon: More making of dream pictures and some funny before and after scenes. 
                              Also "When My Baby Dreams" -competition for YOU. Stay tuned!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Paintings and drawings

This autumn my favourite thing was to paint or draw meanwhile I listen audio books from my Kindle. Well, until I got so nauseous that I couldn't draw a line without feeling sick. My morning sickness has been quite unpredictable and abstract. I guess now I know how my hubby felt two years ago, when I got nauseous from his composed music and threw up after we saw movies like Avatar and Up! 

It's totally unfair to feel sick from the things you normally love, luckily this state will pass. 
I can't wait to be able to paint something again! 
(I absolutely love sight hounds)

(as a teenager I realized that
 I'm not going to be ballet dancer, ever.)

Look who's drawing too!

She's into abstract expressionism.

I tried to draw Croquis from a cornish rex cat photo,
but I got carried away and coloured it a bit. 

Siamese. Meow!