Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ciao my friends!

A while ago I gave an interview to one italian magazine called DLa repubblica delle Donne (Magazine No.770, pages 128-129 and 130-131, article by Valentina Pigmei) and I liked that article a lot, well I can't speak italian, but I translated it with google translator, so I believe I understood the most of it. Grazie mille!

PS I've received a lot of lovely fan art photos, thank you so much for you all! You can still send me your photos, I'll pick the first finalist at friday!

Screenshot from magazine, unreadible.
 If you want to read this article,
go to this link (pages 128 - 131

Quando la mia bimba sogna! (by Sperling & Kupfer)
My book sounds so lovely in italian! Don't you think?


  1. that's how I discovered about you, your baby and your project :)
    pictures are amazing

  2. You are beyond fabulous and talented!!! You're an inspiration to all moms! It's sooo good to see you've gone international ;)

  3. when is it going to be published in Polish? I'd be most privileged to translate it!!!!!

  4. Congrats for this great interview. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.om

  5. Il libro è bellissimo! I knew your project from the very beginning. Finally in italian, cool&amazing!

    Thank you!
    Fran (Milo's mum)

  6. I read this article in la Repubblica delle donne and this is how I found your blog. I thought you had an amazing idea taking all these pictures of your baby while she was sleeping! Looking forward to finally get your book)) thank you!
    Anna (sophie's mum)


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