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Usage rights:
If you are a private person or from non-profit organization you can blog about my blog if you link back to my blog. There might be some already blogged, shared or stolen(without copyright marks) Mila's Daydreams photos in the web, but please don't publish them anymore in your blog or galleries. 

If you represent media send your interview request via e-mail. You'll find it from my blogger profile.

About the book publishing stuff and things like that, you can contact my great and charming agent: Stephen Barr/Writers House. E-mail:  sbarr @  (all together)

Reminder for the press: If any newspaper, magazine or web-publications publishes these pictures without my consent, I will take all necessary legal actions. The intellectual property rights of these pictures belong to me and me only. You can't buy this "feature" from any agencies or editors.

Reminder for the advertisers: Mila's Daydreams is not for advertising purpose. I have, and I will decline all the requests. If I find any copyright infringement I will take the legal actions.

Hope you can find in your heart to respect me and my family.

Thank you.