Friday, October 7, 2011

Art course - Autumn

After a long break I decided to continue my painting and drawing hobby. I think I have nowadays more patience  for that, being a mom has changed me for good. Mila sleeps now two naps per day, and I try to write during the morning naps and draw or paint on the afternoon. But sometimes I do a little sketches at the morning before I write. It helps me clear my mind and concentrate.

So here's something I've done lately about autumn colors.

(Acrylics on oil color paper)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mommy's summer job: Music Video

Artist: Emmi Salo
Director/Writer/Make-up/Wardrobe: Adele Enersen
Producer/Assistant Editor/Lighting Assistant/Playback: Lasse Enersen
Cinematography: Juge Heikkilä
Camera Assistant: Heikki Slåen
Color Grading: Timo Luomanen/Post Control

Last summer I had an opportunity to direct a music video. We had very tiny budget and only one day to shoot, but we had a great time and all the people were so great to work with. I would love to do little projects like this in the future too. 

The video was shot by my Canon 5D Mark ii camera with Technicolor Cinestyle color profile. And all the locations are all within three kilometers from our own home in Helsinki.

Since I couldn't find the perfect "Umbrellas of Cherbourg " -style umbrella as a pink, I coloured white one with the acrylic paint. It's kind of unique now, and guess what, after drying it appears to be waterproof!