Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tips for photographing a sleeping baby on Shutterfly!


I thought I might point you guys towards these few photo tips I shared with Shutterfly few weeks ago, since I'm going to have another special photography competition that I will announce on March!

And there's going to be a totally cool prize that Shutterfly will be custom-making! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fan Art Competition — THE WINNER(s)

♡Congratulations QUEENIE LIAO, and Happy Valentine's day to all♡

You will get this perfect bedtime stories basket,
I hope you enjoy it!


And four other winners, who will get the When My Baby Dreams -book: 

Melanie Carlton, Kristin Rothang, 
Carlos Cuervo and Monique Landry

Please, if you haven't send me your address details before, 
send another message with those, so I can send you the book!

With Love, Adele & Mila

PS If you are making these Fan Art pictures, don't stop! There's going to be another cool competition soon...stay tuned!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Great FAN ART Competition — The last Finalist!

Congratulations Sarah Jordan!

                               Oh,  I love this one too! Lovely colors and harmonic composition, good job! 
There's never too many heart shaped balloons, if you ask from me. 

Thank you all who have sent these truly amazing pictures! 

I'm going to pick the winner of this fan art competition from the finalists 
and four other WMBD-book winners from all who took part.
at Valentines day, 14.2.2012!  

BTW, Which one of the finalist is your favourite?


Friday, February 3, 2012

The Great FAN ART Competition — The 7th Finalist!

Congratulations Queenie Liao!

                                Oh my...this is so cute! Very nice composition and I actually like that little 
photoshopping with carpet colors. ♡

Hey, you can still send me your fan pictures, 
Competition is on until the Valentines day, 14.2.2012!
whenmybabydreams (@) gmail.com

PSssst! Now we may take a little false start to a Valentines day and here's one gift...

Bookperk.com has a great offer:

Last time I checked there was ONLY 9 left, hurry!