Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fan Art Competition — THE WINNER(s)

♡Congratulations QUEENIE LIAO, and Happy Valentine's day to all♡

You will get this perfect bedtime stories basket,
I hope you enjoy it!


And four other winners, who will get the When My Baby Dreams -book: 

Melanie Carlton, Kristin Rothang, 
Carlos Cuervo and Monique Landry

Please, if you haven't send me your address details before, 
send another message with those, so I can send you the book!

With Love, Adele & Mila

PS If you are making these Fan Art pictures, don't stop! There's going to be another cool competition soon...stay tuned!


  1. That is so darling!!!!!!!! I love it! Congratulations to her!


  2. So deserving of the win, this is DARLING!!

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  4. This is soo cute. I love everything about your blog!

    Just wanted to also let you know I'm adding you to my blogroll for my blog Happily Napping at happilynapping.blogspot.com :)

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  6. ha ha they look like good friends and the arts are good for real. I am a
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  8. I'd love to participate, but my girl never sleeps like that !!! I need to try I need to try, this is sooooo cute, I want to have my own cool picture !

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