Friday, February 10, 2012

The Great FAN ART Competition — The last Finalist!

Congratulations Sarah Jordan!

                               Oh,  I love this one too! Lovely colors and harmonic composition, good job! 
There's never too many heart shaped balloons, if you ask from me. 

Thank you all who have sent these truly amazing pictures! 

I'm going to pick the winner of this fan art competition from the finalists 
and four other WMBD-book winners from all who took part.
at Valentines day, 14.2.2012!  

BTW, Which one of the finalist is your favourite?



  1. Oh the last one??? I sent a picture today, but I think it's too late now... Too bad... I wish I could participate. Well good luck for all. All pictures are so lovely!

  2. Heart-ballooning, <--the only way to fly, eh?! (If I could, I would make this babee's choice of transportaion my one and only!) Good luck to all the finalists!

  3. This makes my heart go pitter-patter!

  4. She is so cute and the picture is so lovey.... :)

  5. Mine is the winter one, #5 I think? The skating....? All the way !

  6. You really got them being creative and this one is awesome. The decision will be tough.

  7. All pictures are great!It will be very hard for you to decide witch one is graetest!You can make an other book from this competition,it will be awsome.Frenkly,during this competition I thought about that all the time
    Well,I'm one of 'maniacs' who send you tones of photos(I know agains the rules...:-).For me the best is #6,skating...Great idea and composition...Big kiss for all creative parents!

  8. Absolutly adorable!!!

    xx alex

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  12. Wow! Thats Amazing! GREAT JOB and so beautiful.
    Good luck with your art and go ahead!

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