Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lunch at Santa Monica

(pictures by: Lasse Enersen)

PS...and here is my first vanity project! Finally I found something to test. 

As a TV heavy user housewife (that's all I'm able to do with my left eye, while I rescue my crawling angel from the dangerous situations 24/7.), I ended up to be a infomercial-victim, so I ordered Wen Hair Care -products. I just received them from the post, so now I'll test them and post another hair picture after 3 weeks.

There is about 5 inch my own color, then some old highlights and the red in the lenghts is old red henna, which was mistake. I like the effect henna does to hair structure, but bright red color is just too much for me. I prefer my non-colored mousy hair with non-coloring "henna" aka. senna. (Cassia Obovata)

Before Wen. Stay tuned...

PS2  Since I've got so much e-mails lately, I have to apologize that I don't have time and energy to reply all them individually, even when I truly truly love to. I hope you guys understand. I promise to answer every now and then here in latest blog entry comments, ok? Love ya!

EDIT:  The Great WEN-experiment report. 
After only one wash:

I have to say it was very effective for my dry hair, but it was almost too good, my hair felt so silky it was hard to handle, and my ponytail felt thinner than usually. So I had to try that Aloe Vera for thin hair, and it was a better for my hair. Only negative effect was that my very sensitive scalp was a bit irritated, but I can't tell if it was because of Wen, or Los Angeles water, or what. The water smells weird there. 

I didn't have any problems with canceling my order after three months, and now, after two weeks without Wen, I'm missing it. It was so easy to use. I wish I could buy that from Finland too, but it's not possible yet. Bo-hoo!

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Real Housewives of Venice Beach

Sorry for the delay with updating this blog. We have been exhausted after traveling. Gigantic jet lag and flu. (Note to myself: You can't sleep in the airplane with the baby.) The nights are very cold and the house was cold when we arrived. So first Mila got the flu and then me, and after that my mother-in-law. So we girls have been just sick and watching all the funny stuff from the telly, like the Millionaire matchmaker and The Real Housewives of the Beverly Hills. Since our life in Venice has been not-so-glamorous while we've been sneezing our heads off and wrapped up to microfleece, I have to confess that it is very entertaining to see something totally different. Superficiality is not normally my cup of tea, but I promise that even though I hate shopping, I'm going to shop until I drop when I'm feeling better. And spa, need to get in spa. Maybe manicure...what else? Vanity, here we come! We can try anything else than plastic surgery, hair extensions and furs.

I'm probably going to update this blog quite infrequently now, since I have so much other things to do. (beside my new vain housewife -things) I made some new year promises:
- I'm going to write the next book(s)
- Learn to take better photos
- See more people IRL and get new friends
- Use less e-mail, since it's taking so much from my time. I'm so sorry, but I really can't answer to all e-mails even if I would love to. It started to feel like full-time job, and it shouldn't.
- Exercise more and find joy from some kind of sport
- Eat healthier food (That is so easy here, I absolutely love Whole Foods Market!)

What did you promise?

I wish you all lovely New Year 2011! And may your all dreams and promises come true!