Monday, December 5, 2011

Paintings and drawings

This autumn my favourite thing was to paint or draw meanwhile I listen audio books from my Kindle. Well, until I got so nauseous that I couldn't draw a line without feeling sick. My morning sickness has been quite unpredictable and abstract. I guess now I know how my hubby felt two years ago, when I got nauseous from his composed music and threw up after we saw movies like Avatar and Up! 

It's totally unfair to feel sick from the things you normally love, luckily this state will pass. 
I can't wait to be able to paint something again! 
(I absolutely love sight hounds)

(as a teenager I realized that
 I'm not going to be ballet dancer, ever.)

Look who's drawing too!

She's into abstract expressionism.

I tried to draw Croquis from a cornish rex cat photo,
but I got carried away and coloured it a bit. 

Siamese. Meow!


  1. I love the Siamese cat picture! I am partial as we have one very old, very vocal Siamese cat.
    I hope that your nausea subsides soon. In my last pregnancy I was very nauseous through the first 14 weeks. It magically went away. But, I feel your pain. Hang in there!

  2. Beautiful. I love especially those cat paintings!

  3. These are so pretty! I hope the nausea retreats!

  4. Oh my. Great job! I do understand about the nausea. Hang in there girl.

  5. Those are all amazing! With my second pregnancy I couldn't watch anything with aliens of any kind. Not sure why it effected me so badly, but I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one with the odd pregnancy symptom!

  6. these are amazing! congrats on your pregnancy, btw.

  7. Adele as always I am amazed at the talent that continues to flow from your family. I hope you will show us more and I am sure Mila will be just as awesome. Thanks,

  8. I just LOVE your drawings! I wanted to congratulate you on your pregnancy after your last entry, but there were so many comments already that I thought I would try to catch this one before there were a thousand comments, and I made it!

  9. such beauty...thanks for sharing. great to see Mila picking up the tools!

  10. It's almost criminal to see how talented you are when I can't even draw a stickman properly. *envy..envy..envy*

    Congratulations on your pregnancy tho. I hope the MS passes soon and you'll be able to delight us with more of your (and Mila's) pictures and paintings.

  11. All the paintings are too good.hopw to see some more stuff soon.

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  12. beautiful image! love this one!

  13. Fantastic paintings. Take this opportunity to tell you that Tuula Tuutulaulu is the most beautiful song I've heard. When I'm on the computer I put my 9 month old baby face down on my legs and I put the song and falls asleep quickly. I can listen for hours while doing my activities at home and makes me feel happy, calm and peaceful.

  14. Are these water colours? They are beautiful!

  15. Do you ever sell your art? I want to buy the Epiphany one so bad, it reminds me of my daughter. Lovely work!


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