Friday, November 16, 2012

Aloha, it's going to be a merry Christmas! DIY wreath


I found a bunch of these origami-papers from my deskdraw and decided to make my first christmas decorations this year, welcoming wreath to our door. Since it's the darkest time in Finland, I wanted to have a little bit sunshine and hawaii-wibes in it. Who said all the things in christmas should be red, gold, silver, white and dark green?

This year I'm planning to do all the decorations and food by myself, I'm so excited! What is your favourite thing in christmas? What would you like to see in my blog?


  1. Do u sale your book in finland?

  2. I love the wreath! I do not start with Christmas decorations until after the American Thanksgiving holiday, but I love everything about it. I'd love to see how you decorate for Christmas - and what your children's stockings look like. Stockings are the greatest: so much room for individualization.

    Thank you for posting this. I love your blog. :)

  3. We love our stockings and tree ornaments! Candles are a big thing as well.

  4. Nice and creative design you made.

    I also love Christmas and like the Christmas trees very much.

    Can you share some nice tips to decorate the Christmas tree so that it look beautiful.

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  5. In answer to your question, I'd like to see more of your wonderful drawings around baby Vincent! I love those!

  6. Sweety warmy tricks! I love them so much. I can offer you some nice idea for Christmas decorations, as well. All in all, it's all about creative. I like the fact that you don't need much money for the staff like this.


  7. I love your new series! have just made a door wreath from a foam circle (same as yours) wrapped in satin ribbon and the preschooler and I are working on clay christmas ornaments. it's so fun celebrating with them at this age :)

  8. Finally I have opportunity to answer! I'm so sorry you guys had to wait so long...

    Nami: no, but you can always order it from amazon and other webstores. :)

    jaci: We don't have christmas stockings in our traditions in Finland, Santa Claus brings "personally" all the presents to the families. But that would be fun to try out some day, maybe next year?

    Olof Drofn Eggertsdottir & John: Yes, my tree ornaments will be here, I promise! ;)

    FojAga: Thanks :)

    Stewey: Well, well let's see. ;)

    Alicia Conway, bron baby space: Yes, and it's so much more fun to make something by yourself than just buy ordinary stuff from the stores. I rather buy stuff to make stuff, or at least customize things. My kids probably don't understand it yet, but I'd like them to learn that you can make pretty much everything with your own hands. :)


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