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Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 - Mila's first blueberry & beetroot painting

I'm raising this next (female)Jackson Pollock here, and she prefers to think outside the box. 


  1. Abstract Expressionism and babies go together so well!

  2. Love it. If you framed it in a contrasting colored matte, it would be a great Christmas gift! (Or one you keep for yourself!)

  3. I really love this.
    Looks like she's well on her way. :)

  4. You really need to frame that one Adele.

  5. Did you just boil the blueberries & beetroot together and let your babe go to town? I want to try this with my daughter but I cant find any fruit painting articles online for some reason. I'm probably over-thinking this but any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

  6. She will be fortunate to inherit her mother's creativity! I love the colors and think she is well on her way.

  7. Wow – Mila and Mom :-) It’s awesome. I am offering art sessions for under-one-year-olds and toddlers in Helsinki, Finland. My painting and colour workshops are specially designed for babies and toddlers. They draw on children’s natural attraction to colours and textures, starting with observation and progressing onto active artworks. I operate in a baby-friendly setting, using home-prepared paints that are vegetable-, fruit- and foodstuff-based. I encourage families to discover the joy of creative activities from an early age. Early exposure to different textures, materials and colours helps young children to make more detailed observations about the world around them.
    Art is also a form of expression; the pre-verbal babies communicate through materials and colours before language begins to surface. For older children, creating their own artwork will boost confidence and belief in their own abilities. Above all, however, it is the close parental attention in a peaceful setting that will encourage children’s emerging personalities to blossom.


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