Tuesday, December 14, 2010

14 - Kung Fu LIVE posing with dad

- 14 -
IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE: do not use baby as a weapon while playing. Posing to cam as cute as a button is all they can do in this game ;)
We don't play that much with PS3, but since Lasse had a change to compose music for this unique game called "Kung Fu LIVE", we tried this game at home, and it's really funny. You are actually in the game via webcam and you control the game with your body motion. I like playing with Wii, but this is more intense, and I was totally exhausted after 10 minutes fight in this comic Kung Fu world. And of course there's great music to enjoy too!


  1. I thought you were describing your experience flying to Southern California.

  2. lol Awesome. My husband would love this.

  3. How nice that your darling child will grow up in a household with humor and laughter in addition to her parents' love......from James' wife.

  4. I know a lot of people that would love this

  5. That's great. My daughter, Allie Moss was once the voice in a video game. She made all the grunts and attach sounds. Pretty funny.


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