Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How did it start? Read it from the ETSY blog!

I just wanted to show you the pictures where I got the idea. 
One day Mila fell asleep on a blanket and looked like a little fencer.

 Next day, when I was looking that picture, I thought it could be funnier if 
there was something else happening on a background. They could be her dreams illustrated!

So I waited until she was sleeping again and 
built this little forest from a pillows and blankets...

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  1. Thanks for sharing then fencing picture! I was wondering what it looked like :)

    I read about your story on Etsy this morning and I love everything about your blog and your creativity! I look forward to gifting your book for the next baby shower I'll be going to! :)

  2. That's a great idea, to give your book as a baby shower gift! I've loved following your baby's dreams.

  3. I hope you know how much I love your work. You are amazing!!

  4. What I want to know is how you trained your daughter to sleep so soundly and just anywhere?! My daughter is the same age as yours and never did that. :( I'm a wee bit jealous. :P

  5. Love your creativity so much! Can't wait to get your book and share it with my little girl who is almost 18mo old. I just started my blog at www.zoesmom.com where Zoe & I will share all the fun we have together, toys we love, things we do and great ideas that ispire us to Learn & Play Everyday! :)

  6. this is so fun and inspiring.
    thanks for sharing it with us.
    looking forward to seeing many more photos.

  7. Hi, I travelled around your blog and I AM IN LOVE with every single photo!
    this is soooo cute!!
    i will continue to follow by my google reader from far away.....
    i'm sure i'll have a great time in the future too!

    have a wonderful day!

    this is my blog. i invite you to see. you will not be able to read :), but i will love to have you as my first follower from abroad :)))) ofcours you can comment in english!




  8. You are way too modest Adele. What you dreamed up has pleased so many for some time now.

  9. So ridiculously creative. I only hope to come up with a unique idea like this. And I'm a creative director :) I hope you can check out my creative, lifestyle blog, for moms: http://obsessivision.com/

  10. you have such a talent! i really enjoy the pictures. they are beutiful and so creative.
    Gabriela fron Gabale

  11. Hello Adele!

    Thank you for showing your view of the world! My mom founded your blog a few days ago and sended me the link because your pictures are so amazing. And then we realized that your daughter´s name is Mila!

    So I send you a lot of greetings from Hamburg/Germany with my seven weeks old daughter Mila Johanna sleeping next to me.
    I think she looks a little bit like a pirate with her St. Pauli shirt, maybe something for a picture in a way like yours with my Mila...? ;-)

    Greetings Bendte

  12. Adele,

    I see you get a lot of praise for your book. It's darling! I picked it up at the library the other day because my four year old twins, Charlie and Sofie, just LOVE babies! Last night as we were about to read it, I was glancing at the inside jacket cover and was amazed to read that the star of your book is your daughter, Mila. This normally wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary except that Mila is the name of our baby girl, who was stillborn on July 1, 2011 at 41 weeks gestation. I don't know if you believe in things like this, but I think there was a special reason I found your book. The pictures of your sweet Mila made me smile and reminded me that my baby's spirit is with me always. Thank you for providing this moment for me.

    "Once she escapes her cocoon, she realizes, "Of course! I was born to be a butterfly!"" This is my favorite page as white butterflies have become a symbol of our Mila's life.

    Laura Dumont

  13. Thank you Laura, and my warmest condolences to you and your family. I'm so happy that I was able to give you that special moment through my book and pictures. I'm sure your Mila has now beautiful, eternal dreams. All the best, //Adele Enersen


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