Friday, January 27, 2012

The Great FAN ART Competition — The 6th Finalist!

Congratulations Kirsi Vuomajoki!

                                 I love your Winter Wonderland picture! Beautiful background and harmonic colors.
 Good Job! 

Hey, you can still send me your fan pictures, 
Competition is on until the Valentines day, 14.2.2012!
whenmybabydreams (@)


  1. Fajnie znowu oglądać Twoje dzieci.

  2. Another great one Adele. Hope you have had a wonderful week and doing well with this pregnancy. Have a fantastic weekend.

  3. You should do another book...When my friends dream! The last page can be credited to those winners!

  4. This one is my absolutely favorite

  5. This one's absolutely gorgeous and I agree with Shelly!!!

  6. this is soooo cute!!! perfect! and I agree with Shelly too!

  7. Hi! I'm so happy to meet you and your sweet baby! I found you from etsy and saw that you are from Finland! Your art photos and scenes are just amazing! I love love love your fantastic, simple way to make a whole story about your baby's dreams! I am a Finnish woman living in Greece. I send you sunny wishes from Crete! x Teje

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  9. Adele, I use some of this foto just to show in my blog your blog. If you don't like please say me and i remove them!

    Great work, congratulations

    SJ (Portugal)

  10. Its looking cute. You have done excellent job here. Congrats dear.
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