Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Project Nursery - Coraline inspired painting

I just wanted to paint something cute to Mila's new room. I got my inspiration from Coraline book/movie. This is my cutie pie version of those characters. The clue of this painting is real sewed buttons as a eyes.  

These are our snap photos from
Universal Studios ...
...of real Coraline  stop motion
characters, props and sets. Cool!
If you didn't know,
I'm a HUGE Stop Motion
fan! Someday I'll do this too,
I swear!

On the wall of the nursery. 

The man behind my favourite stop motion, Nightmare before the christmas, is Henry Selick. He's also behind this Coraline movie. (the book was by Neil Gaiman, adore that too!) I love the cat character in both movies, and I found this youtube video where you can see them both.:


  1. Adele you "always" amaze me with your talent and I can't put into words how wonderful it is know that you are in my blog family of friends. Hi to Mila & your hubby.

  2. Adorable - cute button eyes! We love CORALINE! I didn't know they had the puppets on display at Universal. My son is in the experimental stop-motion animation program at CalArts (where Tim Burton went) and he actually just got to meet Tim Burton, because he voluteered at LACMA this summer. There is a great exhibit there right now of T.Burton's art, puppets, etc.

  3. Your cutie pie Coraline is very sweet!
    I like the idea with the buttons and also the pattern below.
    Did you make it with those paper lace doilies for cakes?

  4. I love your Coraline inspired painting. I love the film so much and I really like the colours you have used and the real button eyes!

  5. I love this movie!! And you did a great job with your painting!!

  6. So amazing! I just made something Coraline inspired too!

  7. LOVE IT! We're huge Coraline fans here.

  8. Very cute. I love that more and more people are painting their own artwork in nurseries, well, just in their decor at all. It's awesome. :) I painted a mural in my daughter's room. It was so fun and it seems like she loves to look at the colors and shapes. Great job!

  9. My husband and I love this! Our boys are big Coraline fans - and so are we. Absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing it with us. =)

  10. Hi Odie! Thank you :)

    Wendy: OH, I envy your son!!! I've had a very bad luck with Tim Burton exhibitions. When It was in MoMa, I was pregnant and unable to fly since my pregnancy was difficult. And when it was coming to LACMA, we moved back to Finland... aaargh!

    Dear Tim Burton, if you hear my cry, please, come to Helsinki, Finland. Or, have an exhibition in Paris, so I get good excuse to go there! ;)

    Mandy: oh, that so cute! I'd love to do some miniatures some day too! And dollhouse for Mi..meeee! ;)

    Tyger: That's true. Own artwork is more unique and such a fun to make.

    And all the others, thank you for your nice comments!

  11. love it, i want this when i have baby someday..

  12. that is beyond awesome! And I love the movie!

  13. I love Coraline AND your painting!

  14. Your blog is cute, I like it! :)

  15. Superbe!!!
    Bravo pour ces jolies photos de la d├ęco de chez Mila :-)
    Je suis fan!

  16. love the painting and the creative use of buttons!

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  19. My daughter's just LOOOVe Coraline, they watch it over and over. Two years ago my eldest daughter wanted to dress up like coraline for Halloween and we did a home made costume and I even made the matching doll from felt. I went to bed at 4am sewing, as I did it everything by hand, It was so much fun. My daughters still have the doll. Great memories.
    I love your drawing, I'm sure my daughters will love it when they see it. :)
    Following you thanks to Funkylindsay. You can visit my Blog at

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  21. I have to say that while I liked Coraline, I don't believe it really compared to Nightmare Before Christmas or The Corpse Bride, but that's just my opinion.

    Love your sketches, videos & art! You're very multi-talented & that's wonderful. You also have a very cute baby. (:

    I'm subscribing to your blog. Hopefully if you get a chance you'll check out mine. Its just getting off the ground but check back soon & I should have something up.

    Have a great day. (:

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