Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NEW COMPETITION: Dreamy PHOTO BOOK from Shutterfly

Hello friends!
Since the “Great Fan Art Competition” was such a success—I received hundreds of creative and lovely When My Baby Dreams fan pictures!—I'd love to give everyone another opportunity to take more photos and win something totally cool…

…a special, limited edition, custom-made photo book from Shutterfly, starring YOUR pictures!
So go on, make something crazy, beautiful, and funny!

Each contestant can submit up to 5 When My Baby Dreams fan photos (though each contestant can win only once!) to whenmybabydreams(@)gmail.com   (Don’t forget to remove the parentheses from around the @ and to include your contact details for the prize!)

The deadline for submissions is April 3rd, 2012—that afternoon, I'll pick the 15 winning photos, and only a week after that, Shutterfly will create and post a digital version of the When My Baby Dreams photo book including ALL of the winners’ photos, for everyone to see! And on top of that, the 15 lucky winners will receive a special printed edition of the custom photo book! 
Best of luck!

With love,


  1. This is awesome! Quick question...are there any guidelines, such as: do they need to be made up scenes that the baby is in, or just pictures of them sleeping, or both?

  2. Awesome! Can't wait! :) I've been itching to enter one of your contests with photos of my little man Wyatt!

  3. This will be another fun time Adele. Can't wait to see the pictures that will pour in.

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  6. One question. Does my child need to be asleep?

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  8. thank toy for sharing


  9. Oh! My sister just had a baby, maybe she'll do this

  10. Did you ever choose the winners?

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  12. Just saw the shutterfly book,and wished that I knew about the contest. Your inspiration led me to document and take pics of my son being artistic just as you did with Mila. A lot of my friends tell me to publish a book with all of his pictures. I think I will ! Congrats to all the winners.


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