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Monday, August 22, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

I love autumn and rain...especially 'cause it's perfect reason to stay home and do something funny.
So we built a indoor "swimming pool" to Mila, and meanwhile she was playing with her best friends (Cat theCat & Tigger) a draw some comics etc with my new markers.

1) First you need lot of pillows, 2) put a bedspread or comforter on top of that, 3) swim with the friends in a puddle of fabric!

When I was a kid, sitting in a backseat was the most boring thing ever.
 Except when it rained.
 I used to watch moving drops on window, wonder which drops 

"fall in love" as a giant drop, and fall faster together. 
I guess falling down from the window is a good thing, if you are a drop?

 I got so inspired about drops that when Mila fall in sleep, I stayed up and made this little Stop Motion animation:


  1. Is there anything you _can't_ do, Adele?! =D I love it! =)

  2. Liked the idea of using pillows and comforter for the "swimming pool!" I enjoyed watching the short video! Such a great way to spend a rainy day. :)

  3. Oh my God! I had completely forgotten about that! I also used to look at the car window when it rained and watch the new patterns the drops made when falling down the window and I used to guess with which drops they would "pair up". Thank you for reminding me!
    Oh, and speaking of raindrops, I do a mean imitation of a falling raindrop. Kind of like your animation. Cracks my husband up every time.

  4. amazing animation! is it made just by paper?

  5. Noodle: haha, there's SO much things I can't do, or I'm totally hopeless in it. Like math, organizing, driving, keeping houseplants alive, quantum physics etc. But I'm not afraid to try all the things I like, and sometimes I do something right.

    I could also post a photo about my ruined cookies...but I guess that would be depressing blog post. I accidentaly mixed ice cube-mold and silicon baking molds together, so there was a lovely scent of cranberry-white chocolate-burnt plastic-cookies at our home. Yeah, I fail often in baking too...

    Softy: :) Nice to hear that some other person had that same thing.

    ivii: yes, just paper...well, I draw the eyes with the marker. :) So nice that you like it. Thank you to Vivienne and Seguridad Vial too. :)

  6. HAHAHA we've been doing the same thing!! But we call it "Dust Day Fun" since we live in dusty Kuwait.

    My kids swim among their stuffed toys (yes they have that many stuffed toys!) :) I use three sides of a play fence to corner the toys and then we jump into our 'pool' and swim around. The floor in their play room is covered with playmats so we're always good to go! :D And I say we because I 'swim' with them too. It's so much fun! :D

  7. lol Awesome. Too cute. I'm going to give the indoor pool thing a try. I think my little girl would love that. :P

  8. This is so funny, its like seeing my daughter on here! LOL her name is Nola and I think she might be about the same age as Mila and she loves when we pile blankets and pillows on the floor and she can roll and climb around (with her bunny and bear friends, of course). So cute! Its great because it keeps her busy for a while :)

  9. Where oh where do your ideas come from? You are truly magical!


  10. Your post inspired me to share our version of an indoor 'pool' on my blog. :)

  11. Please help me for Christ sake

  12. I am confident that Adele can do anything and do it to perfection. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  13. Your work is always so inspirational!! I love your stop motion video! Can you tell me what software you used to create it??

  14. This is so cute. Thanks for making my day!

  15. I like this cute baby very much. He is so naughty. Thanks for sharing this cute.
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  16. I just wanted to let you know that I noticed some of your Mila daydreaming pictures floating around Pinterest today. Looks like the original is coming from this site:

    Hope that helps. Can't wait for your book!

  17. Love it, thanks for sharing :)

    Greetings from Mexico City

  18. The last drop motion was funny, and Mila is so cute, seems very active and fun baby you got there.
    Also, thanks for the "swimming pool" idea, I should try this with my little Zooey too.. :)

    and oh I just remembered this funny baby pic here,

    waiting for his pool to dive in? lol. :D

  19. Today at facebook I saw some pictures of my friends baby,... and I was like.. I ve seen this pictures before... but how! if the baby is 2 months old.. so I googlen and found your blog, I have seen those pictures before... but It wasn't the same baby.. jeje some photographer is taking your ideas exactly the same... to sad he is making money out of your imagination... Greetings from Mexico!

  20. You are so creative and clever I love it! Thanks for sharing. I love reading you blog and get excited to see new posts because it's always something that makes me think and want to be creative with my children too. very inspirational.


  21. Ps. I think our babies are close to the same age because I was addicted to your blog and "Mila's Day Dream" photos while I was on maternity leave with my baby. :)

  22. It was a cute post I really like it and the video was cool. Big thanks for sharing. I am looking forward on your next post.

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  24. Hi Adele,

    I stumbled upon this site and recognized your work. There seems to be no copyright for them to publish the photos or your watermarks on them. I thought you should know. Here's the link:

    Take care,
    Nadia R.

  25. You made me remember a little text I love from my childhood:

    I don’t know, look, it’s terrible how it rains. It rains all the time, outside dense and grey, here against the balcony there’s droplets thick and hard, that go plaf and squash like slaps one after the other; so tedious. Now there appears a little drop in the altitude of the window frame; it stays there trembling against the sky that blows it up in a thousand dim twinkles, it is growing and it trembles, it’s about to fall and it won’t fall, it won’t fall yet. It’s holding itself with all its nails, it doesn’t want to fall and you can see it grasping itself with its teeth while its belly swells; its already a massive droplet that hangs majestically, and suddenly zup, there it goes, plaf, undone, nothing, a viscosity in the marble.

    But there’s some that just kill themselves and give in right away, they grow out of the marble and right there they drop; I think I can see the vibration of their jump, their little legs letting go and the scream that intoxicates them in that nothingness of killing and annihilating themselves. Sad drops, round innocent drops. Goodbye drops. Goodbye.

    (Julio Cortázar)

    * * *

    Love your blog/world!

  26. Hello Adele,
    I went through all your creations and I could not find the right word for your creativity and love for your daughter.
    You did a really fantastic job and it is an inspiration for others. May god bless you and Mila... :-)

  27. I have just found this. Are they yours?

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  30. You have the most creative imagination!!! I first was introduced to "you" by seeing your amazing photos of your daughter during her nap time adventures. I love photography but I never thought in a million years to do something like that! Seeing your blog about an indoor swimming pool. That is just awesome! I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog to hopefully unlock some creativity to be a better mother for my 2 year old. :) Keep up the good work!

  31. Mila's adorable and you look like such a cool mom!
    If you ever think about compiling Mila's own baby book, do check out :)


  32. What a great post - your such a fun mum! Lucky little girl to have such a creative mother.
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  34. wow!
    your animation was awesome!
    and so were you thoughts on rain drops :)

  35. HA! I used to think the same thing as I watched the rain! I'm impressed at your creativity while your daughter's sleeping. Usually I'm either napping WITH mine... or getting caught up on laundry/dishes.


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