Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Project Nursery - Before and the floor

Yes, my hubby used to have his playroom studio at our home.
And it was the only place where I didn't even try to put decorations,
pillows and nice new curtains. His sacred man cave.
Now all these fancy equipments and huge bunch of electric wires
 are at his new studio, and I deserve a medal for my patience.
Don't you think? Now it's going to be Mila's nursery.
makeover starts! 
Floor sanding. Oh my how I hate those cabin doors. I bet they are built from the ugly stick tree.

Finally...NEW White floor! So much better already.
 I crochet bigger pillow from cotton yarn.
 Old violin we found from our attic, too bad it wasn't the Stradivarius. ;)


  1. So what will your hubby do with his toys?

  2. She said he has a new studio.

    Nice renovation!

  3. Why don't you paint the cabinet doors?

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE white wood floors. Beautiful!

  5. I'm with Wylie... paint those cabinet doors.. maybe a baby pink. :) Might make them more bearable to look at! (OMG they are UGLY!)
    You're doing a wonderful job. I love the white floor. :)

  6. You have done an amazing job so far, it's going to be a gorgeous room :)

  7. Put some glass windchime in the corner where the sun rays can reach :) :)..I remembered being so happy and having fairy tales dreams while sitting under swaying lil' rainbows. Little Mila might like it as well.

  8. Looking great Adele, but then anything your hand or mind touches on becomes wonderful. Have a wonderful weekend. My best wishes to Mila and your hubby.

  9. Ya gotta love how white paint transforms everything! New clean pallet to play with.

  10. great job! coming along nicely.

    I'm having a GIVEAWAY on my blog if you are interested!

  11. You can put pegs in the holes of the doors on the outside track of that "ugly tree" cabinet and hang things from them. Kind of like old-fashioned pegboard. It could be anything from art to hanging those big shoe rack/bag things. Those can be used for all sorts of children's items, not just shoes. Extra storage is always good. Oh, and a coat of paint couldn't hurt that thing a bit!

  12. moi adele! vau, uusi huone näyttää niin hienolta! tykkään siitä viulustakin. :-) terveiset jenkeistä!

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