Friday, October 5, 2012

Big In Japan, SINCE 2010: The Original Nezo Art

Are you going to eat me?
 I haven't done this kind of daydream photos with Vincent since he's not as sound sleeper as Mila was, and as you can see, he has some skin problems too. His well-being is of course my priority. I'm having other creative things going around now, just wait for it ;)

( And of course I still have my new Fairy Tales -inspired When My Baby Dreams -book coming 2013!)

Today I found out about this new Nezo Art craze over Japan.
I gave first interviews to Japan in 2010, and here you can see Mila's daydreams featured in Japanese VOGUE 2011. So may I call myself creator of this new art scene?

Mila reading about her illustrated dreams. 


  1. Inspiring the nations! Way to go adele. Especially me at

  2. He is adorable and you still have it my gorgeous friend.

  3. ///////So may I call myself creator of this new art scene?/////////
    yes, it is so.
    Good luck, Adele! Thanks for your idea! Now a also make photos with my children like you.

  4. Dear Adele! Please, see at my photoalbum @FAIRY SPACES@ on this site! I am from Russia, and I so thankful for your idea! I use paper figures, not woven things.

  5. Still a baby and reading Vouge, I think that's gonna be a problem when she grow up. Make her friend me in Facebook so we can go shopping. :)

  6. Cute meets funny (meets styling). :)

  7. Wow! I love the kid on a sushi. Nice effect. haha.

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